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Being skilled and talented in something is one thing, getting known for it is another. We bring out the light in you to the world.

Rushdah talent pool is the place for you if you want the world to hear your voice.

We take you far and near, home, and abroad. We ensure the right people hear you.

Simple steps:

  • Submit your work
  • Get promoted
  • Get a life changing call


About Us


We are a digital service provider specializing in artiste management and promotions for new talents. We utilize the social media for advertisement and promotions to achieve our goals. Not only that, but we manage a pool of talented artistes who are upcoming and aspiring to make a difference in the entertainment industry.

We work with popular influences to make the dreams of our young rising talents come true. 

Rushdah Talent Pool is a subsidiary of Rushdah Innovative Resources Ltd., UK.




What We Offer


We leverage social media and credible influencers to spread the word about you. Our precision promotion targets the right audience who would download your songs/videos, contact you for shows and deals. 

Artiste Management

We manage our artiste for shows, concerts and any other event required via booking, and we ensure that our artistes get the right treatment (as an upcoming artiste) and the right benefit.

The Talent Hunt Challenge Season 1

100,000 up for grabs should you be the lucky pick!

Sign up with a fee of ₦1,500 to get your profile onboarded

and submit your work (song/video).

Note: Whether you emerge as a winner or not, you automatically become our artiste profiled on every of our platforms for connections and signing. 

Closing date is 15th of August 2023

Artist Promotion

Our Latest promo artiste

Artiste Name: Synergy

A new hit wave in the industry under the Gospel Genre. See Songs..

Artiste Name: Synergy

A new hit wave in the industry under the Gospel Genre. See Songs..

Artiste Name: Muhammad Al-fatih

A new hit wave in the industry under the Nasheed (Islam) Genre. See Songs..

We Work With The Best All Around the World

Nothing good comes easy, it takes time and effort to achieve success. We put in such efforts to make sure you are picked from our pool of talented artiste. 

rushdah talent pool







SYNERGYSynergy is a songwriter and a singer who hails from Akwa Ibom State. He composes/writes and sings his own songs. He is a multitalented fellow with some good vibes. Play his songs and download them for free.— Songs and Downloads— Artiste ManagementHAVE AN EVENT...

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Muhammad Oyonumoh

Muhammad Oyonumoh

MUHAMMAD OYONUMOHMuhammad Al-Fatih Oyonumoh is a prolific songwriter and singer. He is well talented in writing motivational and inspiring nasheeds that is aimed at transforming the mindset of people in Islam and other faith. He is a Nigerian born and raised, married...

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